Top Soccer Sponsors

The most precious teams of soccer have to produce legions of fans all over the world. The enthusiast armies are pleased to possess their loyalties with the uniform of the team. As a result, it has made the jersey team a single most enormous sponsorship asset, because the players and the fans similarly have been walking billboards wherein they are up for sale to the biggest bidder. There are two categories of the sponsorship deals. The first one is the kit manufacturer, for instance, Nike, and Adidas. The others are the corporate partners that pay for chest-front marketing real estate.


In 2014, the uniform deal jumped to the forefront. This was when the Manchester United signed for its seven years which ways a contract with Chevrolet of $559 million. The payment for $80 million per year was two times of what the team was earning from its previous jersey sponsorship. Two years later, Chelsea, which was the next largest corporate partnership, had a deal with Yokohama Rubber of %57 million per year. The kit manufacturers spend more than that as they directly benefit from their investment through selling retail versions of the team jersey. Although, there are just two kit partners who have surpasses blockbuster Chevy deal of Manchester United.


The high spot on our list of biggest sponsorship winners fit in various teams. In Real Madrid, Los Blancos lagged behind the leaders a year ago. This was brought to an end by an astounding ten year, $1.6 billion deal with the Adidas. Recently, the team is now making around $192 million from its jersey in every year. This is an Emirate Airways Partnership which appears underrate at the time it signed in 2013. Chuck in a recent $28 million annually sports ground naming best contracts with United Arab Emirate. After the renovations are finished, it will rename Bernabeu. This produces the largest sponsorship haul in the sport


The wealthiest sponsorship deals 2016 of soccer.


So far Manchester United makes $187 million every year from its jersey deals although it is scarcely out of the race. By determining how the exchange rates move, the Red Devils could be the top spot now. Also, to the Chevy deal, the team has a kit partnership with the Adidas. This makes deadlines for taking over Nike with a ten-year deal during the first season. This agreement bid worth almost $10 million annually. We can as well provide the Red Devils for their $22 million annual deal with Aon. Therefore, the former jersey partners of Manchester United got the naming right to the training ground of the team as well as sponsorship of its practice jersey.


The top there is Bayern Munich with $111 million annually from its deals with jersey and the stadium sponsorship. In this year, Bundesliga champions they have been with Adidas for more than fifty years. This company holds a marginal stake in the team. The two extended their partnership in the previous year through 2030. Bayern earns $34 million per year from the jersey partner Deutsche Telekom. Two years ago, Bayern extended its stadium naming its perfect deal with Allianz that as well invested $150millionm to take a stake of 8% in the ownership of the team.