If you are a fun of soccer just like I do, then I am sure you are anxious and impatient with the upcoming 2022 world cup. I mean it feels like we have to wait for decades before we get to see some of the new teams that will be participating in the 2020 world cup. One of the most awaited team to play during this games is the US national team. Finally, our American brothers will be playing for the world cup after a long struggle and be able to win not one or two but seven good tournaments. When it comes to football, Americans have not created a good name over the last years especially when they got beaten in Octobers world cup qualifications in Trinidad and Tobago. But as American fans, we have great faith in the new team that has been fighting hard to be parts of the teams that will be playing to take home the most honored award in the football industry.

What makes this team receive great and positive reviews from the fans is the fact that there are young men on the team something that has not been seen before in other games. With the leadership of Christian Pulisic who rose in Germany, he has inspired a lot of young and fresh talents to sign up with MLS which is the club that he plays for.

From the people who have signed up to represent the state-nation on the world cup, there are promising talented people who have been selected from different clubs to represent the nation. There is a theory that before the world cup games begin, the American team will be selected afresh whereby some players who have reached their 30s will be eliminated from participating in the games and only leave a few and the players who are below 30 years of age.

Well, without further ado, let us see some of the team players who are expected to represent Americans in the 2022 world cup game.



  1. Christian Pulisic Borussia Dortmund

Christian Pulisic Borussia Dortmund


Over the last few years, Christian has portrayed his prowess on the field and although he will not be in the 2018 world cup, word on the streets have it that he could make it to the 2022 games. By then he will be 24 plus we expect him to have improved on his tactics for the remaining time. Aside from improving his game, we also hope to see him being moved to better clubs as well.



  1. John Brooks Wolfsburg

John Brooks Wolfsburg


Although he will be 29 years during the 2022 world cup, we have so much faith in this great player. He is known to be an excellent defender and this is proven by the fact that he was paid for 22.5 million dollars after being transferred to his latest club. John is the highest paid American football player of our time, and from the game, he played against Portugal team in November, we see him with huge potential of bringing the cup to America.



  1. Weston McKennie Schalke

Weston McKennie Schalke


Weston is only 19 but he has really improved for the time that he has played for Schalke. He took a break from the game in 2018, one of the reasons he was not selected to represent America in the 2018 game but we believe that he will be in the 2022 game.



  1. Tyler Adams New York Red Bulls

Tyler Adams New York Red Bulls


Tyler plays for MSL which is one of the biggest clubs in America and from his excellent game that he showed in 2017, we believe that he will do the same in 2018 and 2022 world cup games. Tyler has been playing as the right wing-back although most people hope that he will be given the midfielder position come 2022 due to his unique quality and tactical attacks combined with his experience.



  1. Jonathan Gonzalez Monterrey

Jonathan Gonzalez Monterrey


Jonathan has proven countless times that he deserves to be in the next world cup qualifications. He has brought to so much glory to his team and himself as well whereby he won Liga MX best XI honors plus he also helped his club to reach the Aperture finals. This also led to their victory for the Copa XI. Although he is only 18 years of age, Jonathan is earning recognition from different clubs in Europe and Mexican national teams as well.



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